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Being nearly one-fifth of India’s population, India’s youth can be a great asset if they receive adequate developmental inputs. To make sure policy-makers have data, analysis, and young people’s views as they formulate policies, UNFPA and its partners have developed YouthInfo India, an online platform that provides a repository of key data on diverse aspects of young people’s lives.



The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) brings India’s first-ever portal that provides adolescent and youth-specific data from the 2011 Population Census, NFHS III and other national data sets on a unified platform. Enjoy one-click access to stats- collated and decoded, customized to specific needs. Right from a policy-maker or an academician, to a media person or a student, if you want to know the pulse of adolescents and young people in India, then this should top your online browsing list.

Today, every fifth person in India is an adolescent (10-19) and every third Indian is a young person (10-24). It is time to map the needs and match the expectations of an emerging generation. Accurate disaggregated data for this cohort is the first step towards responding to their needs. This one-stop knowledge gateway, developed by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) will offer insights on diverse socio-demographic characteristics at national and sub-national levels. It is hoped that this initiative would also inform policy and programmatic interventions.

Why the YouthInfo India Portal


Youth comprise around 19% of India’s population (Census 2011). This can be a tremendous advantage for the country if the young get the opportunities they need in terms of education, skill-building, jobs, health and family planning services, among other things, to maximise their life’s potential.

There is evidence to suggest that various aspects of young people’s lives need attention. One in two young women marry before they are 18, and around 16% of them have a child or are pregnant before they turn 19. Young couple need reproductive health and family planning services to ensure that pregnancies are planned and wanted.

We believe that young people should be seen as a unique group whose issues need to be understood and addressed. This portal is aimed at drawing the attention of policy-makers, media, researchers, interested individuals and, of course, youth themselves towards the diverse aspects of their lives.

We believe www.youthinfoindia.org is truly your window to their world.

“Individuals in the age group of 15 to 24 years are referred to as youth.